The power of positive thinking

A person close to me is going through a tough situation. She was diagnosed with cancer with short life expectancy. The treatment prolongs her life but doesn’t heal. The last time I talked to her, she told me that regardless of whether she was staying at home or able for a stroll, having a bad or good day, she was grateful to be alive another day. This is what I call positive thinking.





It depends on whether you see the glass half full or half empty and generally we see it half empty. We usually complain about being overweight, about the long commute between our home and our office, or about the messenger that delivered our box late. We come home and still complain. One thing is ambition and higher expectation and another is complaining about everything all the time.


We turn on the TV and watch the news. Most of it is very bad news about bad things that happened in bad places. It’s scary. Please, do not misunderstand me. We need to be aware of those things but there is also good and wonderful news that needs to be explained as well. In fact, if we see the glass half-full or half-empty is related to culture and education. When I was a child, teachers used red pens to mark errors in exams and homework.  You made 2 errors of 10 exercises but your work was covered in an intense red color: you failed!  Some months ago I read a really interesting article about education: the method of the green pen. This method wants to highlight the correct answers instead of bring out the errors. If we emphasize things we did right we will encourage self-esteem and the willingness to improve. Definitely become more optimistic and positive.


Positive thinking is seeing the glass half full. In the same way negativity brings more negativity, positivity brings more positivity. A study from the Mayo Clinic shows that there is a correlation between optimism and life expectancy and optimistic people with cancer can live 19% more. If you believe you can get better, you probably begin treatment and this is the first step towards healing. Positive thinking applied to entrepreneurship will help to start up a new business. It is the motor that defines how we assume and the way we feel and act. If we think things are going well, the first step is to try.


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