I have to speak

 Maybe you have to present a new project to a group of investors or you have to show a new business plan to a very important client. Maybe you have to join a newspaper or radio station and you want to do well at the interview. Whatever the case may be, you want to improve your performance to motivate and convince your audience.


I have to speak is a workshop and a training program that will help you improve your performance in Spanish and make you a very professional speaker and leader.





Who can attend?


Professionals living abroad: CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills in speaking and performing in Spanish, and also to feel comfortable on a stage.


Program and methodology


This is a 100% practical workshop. We will work individually or in small groups. We don’t only want to involve our participants but also make this workshop useful and dynamic. We will work in a real case, a presentation or a real work meeting simulation. As a participant you will work on your speech and you will present it. For that reason, we will customize your workshop depending on your needs (length, place and price).


As part of this workshop, you will work in:    



Why should I need this workshop?

You don’t only need a good idea but you also need to sell it. It’s not only what you say but also how you say it. Your communication skills in a presentation will make the difference on how you impact your audience. If you can explain and share your ideas properly, you will promote and succeed your business.

1.Your speech: the goal, the structure and the message



3.Your performance: practicing your speech and learn how to use the physical space



2. Your nonverbal communication skills: different in each country and culture. You will improve your body language or tone of voice.    

4. Overcome Stage Fright when Speaking in Public

Who am I ?: 


I’m Neus Tuells-Jansson coach and communicator with more than 15 years experience. I have been working in advertising agencies and multinational companies helping people improve their speaking skills. What she learns is: “Anybody can become a good public speaker. You only need to propose it”

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