Difficult client on board - how to deal with it?

A difficult client just entered your shop...what´s next?

So you are having a great sales day, all seems to be working fine, sun is shining outside an suddenly... a very angry client comes into your shop and you wonder why on earth this is happening to you. Do not panic, I will show you 6 simple hints  how to turn this awkward situation into a future loyal client.





Por Ligia Rolim, founder at Retailonthegoal

By the way, you should be really careful when treating with an angry client, as according to the recent studies, when someone is happy with your service, he may speak about it to 3 to 5 friends, in the other hand, when the experience was negative, this same person will pass the voice throughout all social media and make it viral if possible. So yeah, go ahead and read it all.


1.The active listening: One of the most important point when someone is upset is to use the active listening strategy which is basically  listening to what he says carefully and then repeat it in your own words. Ex: I understand you purchased this top and when you got home you realized it had a stain on the backside. I am so sorry for that!


2. Be the safe port for this person, stay calm: what a client really looks for with his anger is to be understood and find someone centered who he can trust. So it´s key that you stay on your heels, calm and secure. It is part of our nature that when someone or something is trying to attack us, we cut our breath instantly. In order to keep calm you must breath deeply! Breathing techniques are an excellent tool to help you out.


3.Put up some questions: While answering your questions ( which obviously should not be ironic!), your client must use his brain to find the answers while the anger instinct is putting aside. So place questions in order to gain time, cool the situation down and find the best solution together.


4.How far can it go? If after using the above techniques your client is still yelling at you, the situation must be hold as it is totally unpleasant for the other people in your shop who has absolutely nothing to do with it. You may ask this person politely to leave your store and come back when he feels more calm.


5) Avoid the situation: By having your shop organized, specially your  warehouse can help tremendously possible upcoming issues. Try to have your shop divided by category and once you receive new goods, check them individually to ensure no tare is displayed on the shop floor.


6) Hire people aligned with your business and your attitude: It is just not enough to have an amazing sales team. People in your shop must transmit your values and represent you when you are not around. So use your intuition while hiring, select happy people and pay a decent salary to ensure this person feels recognized.


And believe that an angry client can be turned into your best ambassador! I hope that the above tools you´ll be able to change your attitude when a difficult client enters your shop. Happy sales!

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