Difficult client on board - how to deal with it?

A difficult client just entered your shop...what´s next?

So you are having a great sales day, all seems to be working fine, sun is shining outside an suddenly... a very angry client comes into your shop and you wonder why on earth this is happening to you. Do not panic, I will show you 6 simple hints  how to turn this awkward situation into a future loyal client.





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I gave up on myself

I was supposed to write about a Startup Weekend and explain what it was about. But I’m sorry, I can’t. I gave up on myself. Should I move forward? Absolutely. Maybe this is one of the most personal post I ever wrote. It’s not easy to talk about our mistakes but I really believe it's necessary if we want to move forward to the next step. At the end, we can learn even more about our failures.





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The power of positive thinking

A person close to me is going through a tough situation. She was diagnosed with cancer with short life expectancy. The treatment prolongs her life but doesn’t heal. The last time I talked to her, she told me that regardless of whether she was staying at home or able for a stroll, having a bad or good day, she was grateful to be alive another day. This is what I call positive thinking.





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